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The Japanese publisher Sansai Books is releasing a personal computer book called Kawaii Security on March 14. The book uses illustrations and manga to profile computer viruses and other topics in computer security.
In particular, the book anthropomorphizes over 30 viruses that have infected the computer world since the 1980s — as bishjo (pretty girl) characters. It also features the official anthropomorphized versions of four security software and five chapters of an original manga called Security Senshi Hikari (Security Warrior Hikari).
Aoi Nishimata, the illustrator best known for her work in visual novel software such as Shuffle!, Lovedol ~Lovely Idol~, and Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai, is contributing to the book, although she only drew the cover. The book includes a A4-sized pinup poster with art by Nishimata and Mamu Mitsumomo, as well as a CD-ROM with a demo version of the Panda Internet Security software and wallpaper images of the book's illustrations.



Милая безопасность по-японски

Японский издатель Sansai Books выпустит книгу для пользователей компьютера под названием Kawaii Security, 14 марта. В книге будут присутствовать иллюстрации и манга, чтобы придать вирусам индивидуальность и каким-то образом их описать.

В книге будут описаны больше 30 вирусов.











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